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Established in 1983, Mpelembe was the brain child of the parastatal Company, Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM), with the full backing of the First Republican President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

Both the government and ZCCM saw the need to nurture a pool of young Zambians who would later be absorbed into the Mines and other supporting industries.  Because of this focus, the initial emphasis in the school was the provision of Sciences and Mathematics Education, and most of Mpelembe’s graduates were sent overseas for further training after Form Six.  Others went to University of Zambia’s Schools of Mines and Engineering to train and prepare to take up positions in the Mining Industry.

In the years 1998 ZCCM was privatised by Second Republican President and most of its assets were bought by foreign Private Mining Companies.

However, Government decided that the education of young Zambians should be entrusted to those that have long, tested and vast experience in the provision of Education.  Therefore, the running of Mpelembe Secondary School was transferred to the Zambia Episcopal Conference (Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops). 

LOCATION Mpelembe Secondary School is located in Nkana East, Kitwe, on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia at the end of 27th Street.  It nestles in beautiful quiet, spacious surroundings that are conducive for learning.

The view of the Kafue river and virgin forest from the terraces of the Playing Fields affords a beautiful panoramic view to the community.  Near the banks of the river is a successful Production Unit which takes care of most of the needs of the Dining Hall, producing chickens, pork and vegetables.

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops has put in place a Board of Governors that deals with policy matters relating to the school.

The day-to-day running of the school is in the hands of a competent Management team headed by the School Principal.  Under the Principal are the Vice Principal Academic and the Vice Principal Administration.

School finances are efficiently managed by the School Accountant and two assistants.

ACADEMIC AND PASTORAL CARE Academic planning and progress is the principal responsibility of the Vice Principal Academic.  He/she liaises very closely with Heads of Departments and teachers on one hand and the Principal on the other.  Parents who have particular queries about academic issues should consult the Principal in the first instance.

Pastoral care is the principal responsibility of the School Chaplain.  He liaises very closely with the Vice Principal Administration and the Director of Boarding and House Parents on one hand and the Principal on the other.

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