closing and opening date

 Closing Date - 9th August, 2019     Opening Date -   9th September, 2019


 Mpelembe Secondary School will have Holiday Tuitions for grade 9 and 12

 starting from 12th – 30th August, 2019.  They will be required to pay K1000 for the 3 weeks.

 The Holiday Tuition's will be extended to non-Mpelembe Grades 12, 11 and 9 pupils as Day Scholars at K710.00 for six subjects. Boarding facilities will be extended to only Grade 12 external pupils.

Those who wish to be in boarding should satisfy certain conditions before making a deposit of K 1,010 in any of the school accountsBoarders are required to report on Sunday, 11th August, 2019 before 1600hrs.

No cash payments should be made to the school.  

Please contact any of the following for further details:

Mrs. M. Mulenga – 0977-407567, Mr. Chimbaya – 0964-786815

Mrs. P. Mwenda – 0970-789487, Mr. B. Bwalya – 0976-084049   

               Term 3

Boarder (Grade 8 -12)             K10,738  per  term

Day pupil (Grade 8 - 12)         K 6,620.00  per term

Boarder  -  Form 6                    K 12,128.00  per  term

Day pupil   Form  6                   K 7,517.00 

PTA Subscription  fee             K 50.00        per  term

PTA Benevolent fund             K 50.00        per  term

PTA Project fund                     K 170.00       per  term (per family)

PTA Bus Maintainance  Levy   K50.00  per  term

Medical subscription fee   K 300.00     ( Term 3 ONLY)

Tuition Centre

Tuition fees                             K 3,764.00

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