School Rules

Please find time to read school rules to your children. The following measures will continue being implemented to improve discipline among pupils, and they should be strictly adhered to:

  •                No student will carry mobile phones or electronic gadgets to school. If found, the items will be confiscated and destroyed. The child will be withdrawn from school.
  • No pupil will bully another child. Bullies will be suspended or withdrawn from school.
  • Theft of anything from another child or school will result into a child being withdrawn from school.
  • Vandalism of school property and graffiti will not be tolerated.
  • No pupil should be involved in intimate boy/girl relationship. This will result in withdrawal from school.
  • Smoking of marijuana, consumption of beer or taking any intoxicating
  • substance will result into the child being withdrawn from school.

The school seeks yours your co-operation in ensuring adherence to all the above rules.

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